Dear Prospective Employee,

As you are considering joining Irrigation Specialists a part of the Lindsay Corporation, I’d like to give you some insight about our exciting businesses and our unique company culture.

Today, Lindsay Corporation consists of two major business segments, Irrigation and Infrastructure, which are comprised of many individual businesses. These two major business segments are both driven by the expanding global population and are both “green” businesses, helping to improve the environment. Both businesses provide tremendous social and economic value through our products and services.

In our Irrigation business, we provide irrigation equipment used throughout the world for increasing the yields on agricultural crops. Our equipment is used on corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, sunflowers, alfalfa, canola, and almost any other crop you can think of from apples to zucchinis. Our products improve water-use efficiency, reduce pollution of rivers and streams from fertilizer and chemical run-off, and boost yields- often by as much as 50-100%.

In our Infrastructure business, our products are used to absorb the energy of car and truck crashes while protecting drivers and passengers; mitigate traffic congestion which reduces commute times, fuel usage and air pollution; and for railway signaling. You will find our products used in transportation applications all around the world.

I can’t imagine better businesses to be in, with better growth paths.

I’m sure the culture of Lindsay Corporation is an important element in your consideration. Our roots are in middle-America, so our culture is similar to other Midwestern companies in some respects- relatively conservative in style, with strong beliefs in open and respectful communication. Our culture is also unique in many ways. We encourage accountability and accomplishment while creating shareholder value, and foster an environment where intelligent, achievement-oriented people thrive.

We believe in providing differentiated, superior products and services to our customers, and that requires an organization that is driven to serve customers, while eliminating all obstacles and establishing clear accountabilities throughout.

Our employees collaborate in many ways, such as participating in problem-solving teams, developing products and services, Kaizen events, and in developing strategic plans. In each of our locations, no job is insignificant or task too small for anyone in the organization. We are a lean organization, so we all pitch-in wherever necessary.

I often tell people I meet that “I have the best job in world, working in two of the most rewarding industries I could imagine.” If you join Lindsay Corporation, I’m certain you will feel the same.

-Rick Parod, CEO


Lindsay's Mission Statement

Lindsay Corporation will be the leader, worldwide, in providing differentiated water management and road infrastructure products and services that improve productivity  and result in earning superior returns to our shareholders.

Lindsay Values

Developing and ensuring positive, long-term relationships with customers; earning customers for life

Striving for excellence and continuously improving all that we do

Honesty, integrity and trust in all of our relationships

Demonstrating respect for all stakeholders and their needs

Making and keeping commitments

Demonstrating courage in challenging thinking to arrive at the best outcome

Accepting and demonstrating ownership, accountability, and responsibility

Encouraging innovation and creativity

Collaborative teamwork, negotiated stretch goals, and calculated risk taking in support of LC’s  strategies

Decisions are made in the best interest of the total company and our shareholders

Partnering with employees in their individual development and in building their career path


Key Lindsay Leadership Principles

We are a progressive, innovative organization that balances the needs of our Shareholders, Customers, Employees, and Suppliers while treating them all with respect. 

We maintain a Global perspective on our business and initiate changes to quickly adapt to new challenges. 

We exhibit the strongest of work ethics by being performance-driven, results-oriented and by striving for superior financial results through continuous improvement.

We are open and honest with each other and in assessing our performance to drive accountability and effectiveness.