Revolutionary design reduces costly downtime and excessive rutting

The new patent-pending NFTrax is an airless wheel design that will never go  at and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum – saving time, labor and replacement costs. Compared to pneumatic and solid tires, NFTrax helps growers avoid tread damage, punctures and air pressure checks. In addition, it reduces wheel rut depth, allowing trouble-free operation throughout the season.

Traditional Tires vs. NFTrax

Through extensive field testing, NFTrax’s wheel track depth can be as much as 30 to 50% less than that of standard 11.2"x 38" tires in similar operating conditions.

When compared to solid tire alternatives, improvement to the track depth is even greater.





Unmatched tracking performance

NFTrax’s unique structure starts at the core with a steel rim center. A heavy-duty vulcanized rubber belt with steel cable core is tensioned over 10 drive points for ideal weight distribution, flexibility and traction. Pneumatic tires lose air and are subject to punctures and failures. Solid alternatives lack the flexibility to adapt to terrain – reducing traction and increasing track depth. However, NFTrax adapt to terrain without creating deep ruts and moves right over field obstructions without getting stuck. Plus the load of the tower is spread across the full footprint of the track – maximizing flotation. Unlike standard tire sidewalls, mud and soil are not deposited outside the track.

Decreased Rutting

NFTrax applies even pressure across the entire belt surface, forming a large surface area for even distribution of the machine’s weight. In contrast, standard pneumatic and solid tires apply greater pressure to the middle of the track base as they roll, generating a vertical channel for runoff. NFTrax’s horizontal imprint forms small pools of water which dry quickly and do not create runoff channels.

Without large ruts, growers will spend less time repairing fields, and experience less wear and tear on all types of farm equipment.

NFTrax’s unique design controls water runoff and reduces track erosion for faster field drying time.

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Growers around the world rely on Zimmatic’s innovative technology support by a network of knowledgeable dealers to add value, reduce risk and take full advantage of every growing season.

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