Pump Intake Screens (PC)

The open source water self-cleaning solution 

LAKOS Self-cleaning pump intake screens (PC) protect pumps and other water systems components from surface water organics and debris. The screens provide continuous defense against impeller clogging, lost suction, and pump wear. The rugged, reliable internal backwash system blows debris off of and away from the screens, permitting water to flow freely to the pump. Other screens use a rotating spray bar and fixed position screen losing spray energy to rotate the spray bar. LAKOS employs a fixed spray bar, maximizing the water-energy's cleaning action while the screen slowly rotates to continuously clean the entire screen surface.

Energy Savings 

PC Screens helps maintain pump efficiency, reducing the need for longer pumping cycles to deliver the required water volume. 

Wide Range of applications 

Rivers, effluent ponds, sumps, lakes, ponds, irrigation ditches, re-use pits, streams, tanks, canals, and more. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Protect pumps and save energy by maintaining pump efficiency 
  • No manual cleaning or routine shutdowns
  • Protect the surrounding environment from pump intakes 
  • Constructed of durable reinforced fiberglass and stainless steel